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Experience Short Games at the Annual Institute!

March 13, 2024 6:10 PM | Anonymous

By: Nick Proctor
Executive Director
The Reacting Consortium

Games with two sessions of gameplay are fun. They are also easy to fit into existing classes. And, as it turns out, they are devilishly hard to write. Players must be launched into the game with dizzying speed. Agendas must be tight. Ideas need to be accessible. In short, there is no time for lollygagging!

Determined to break the logjam in the development of short games, a small and dedicated group of Reacting stalwarts hammered out guidelines for their components in the Spring of 2022

These guidelines inspired some new projects. And they also allowed the recalibration of projects that were originally developed for the Flashpoints series.

This year’s Annual Institute will feature the fruits of these labors: four short games intended for a variety of disciplines and perfect for situations that cannot accommodate a full-length game.

Read on to learn about the new and updated short games that we're featuring at this year's Annual Institute!

Cigarette Century: Tobacco and Lung Cancer, 1964-1965

By: Chad Curtis

From the author: How do we know if X causes Y? "The Cigarette Century: Tobacco and Lung Cancer, 1964-1965" explores this question in the context of the congressional debates surrounding tobacco and lung cancer after the publication of the 1964 Surgeon General's Report. Players take on the role of senators, bureacrats, scientists, media representative, and tobacco executives as they seek to interpret the existing body of evidence to inform regulatory policy decisions.

Do We Take Shelter?: Evaluating "High Stakes" Information

By: Martha Attridge Bufton

From the author: By December 1940, the Western Allies were in the second year of the war with Germany, and the Luftwaffe began a series of air strikes on England. Individuals and families were regularly faced with life or death decisions: should one stay at home or go to a community shelter during a raid? These decisions were complicated by the information--or lack thereof--to which people had access. This game asks players to think critically about sources: which are authoritative, current, and unbiased, and which are not? When the sirens sound, what will you do? Learn more here:

The Jumonville Incident: Washington at Fort Necessity

By: Nick Proctor

Overview: Constant struggles between the British and French empires fighting for territory along the frontier draw in colonists, indigenous populations, and various European powers. Now, a new flashpoint has developed: The Jumonville Incident. In this game, players will take on roles representing all the factions involved in this contested event to determine what actually happened, and what that might mean for the struggles that lie ahead.

North Korean Hunger Games: Famine, Rogue Regimes, and the Ethics of Aid, 1995-1998

By: Emily Simon and Kelly McFall

Overview: Students will take on the question of humanitarian assistance in an environment fraught with complications. A wide range of government representatives and aid organizations have gathered to discuss the future of assistance to North Korea. While no one can deny North Korea’s need, players will debate whether the nation qualifies for international aid, who should provide it, and how best to meet the needs of the people without further empowering the dangerous regime under whom they suffer.

These games and more will be available to play at the Reacting Annual Institute in June! Early bird registration is now open with discounted pricing for Reacting Consortium members. Don't wait! Register today!

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