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Browse and find Reacting games that can be played in one class sessions.


Microgames are “one shot” games designed to work in a single class session. Additional setup and debriefing are entirely optional. Please contact Ray Kimball for more information.

Short games can be found on the short games page


Athens Besieged: Debating Surrender

Set within the Long Walls of Athens during the winter of 405-404 BCE. In the Fall of 405 Sparta destroyed the Athenian fleet at Aegospotami (near the straits leading to the Black Sea). The Athenian Assembly must determine whether to surrender and relinquish its democracy. The Spartan kings, being advised by various generals in their war council, and by the Delphic Oracle, determine the outcome of the game—and the fate of Athens.

5th Century BCE Europe Microgame


Ban the Jesuits: Jesuits and Their Opponents in the 1700s

Jesuits, Royal Ambassadors, Archbishops, and members of the Crowd have gathered in Rome to decide the fate of the Jesuits. If they are banned, further decisions must be made about what happens to individual Jesuits and the Jesuit schools and property.

18th Century Europe Microgame


British Modernism, 1905

This microgame has been developed to introduce students to ideas at issue in literary modernism, particularly in Britain. It is designed to raise questions about the relationship between Victorian realist narratives and the interventions/innovations that will appear starting in the late nineteenth-century and continuing into the early decades of the twentieth.

20th Century Europe Microgame


Making History: The Breakup Microgame

Two contemporary college students break up. Sources differ regarding the cause. Players discover new ways to sort them, which provides insights and deepens confusion. This microgame is intended to introduce undergraduates to some of the issues involved in the use of primary sources to construct historical narratives.

21st Century Anywhere Microgame


The Pluto Debate: The International Astronomical Union Defines a Planet

Students play one of nine astronomers arguing the definition of a planet at a 1999 debate in New York City and a 2006 meeting of the International Astronomical Union. Using scientific precedent and discoveries, students will compare Pluto with other celestial bodies and put scientific ideals into action.

20th and 21st Century North America 1-2 Game Sessions Level 3 Game


Roman Prisoner's Dilemma

This microgame may serve as a companion to the Constantine and the Council of Nicaea game. It is designed to set up the situation leading to two major issues at the Council of Nicaea, the Arian heresy and the Meletian Schism.

4th Century Africa Europe Microgame

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